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Firdous Sayyad Al Djiibaajah
Dikan Kyrie Al Djiibaajah x Alyasou Al Djiibaajah

D.O.B: 24.10.2011

color: red with black finges

breeder: Sabine Horn, Al Djiibaajah Salukis

owner: Lucia Bramante & Thomas Kogler, Shahdad Salukis

Offsprings: J-Litter
Kennel Shahrayar


- German Youth Champion DWZRV
- Austrian Youth Champion
- Slovenian Youth Champion
- Lure Coursing Licence


Because of a serious knee injury Sayyad will not

 shown anymore!

.:King Wulle watching the neighbor dogs:.


.:Happy 12th birthday, Wulle:.

.:winter 2020:.

.:Just Wulle:.


.:Sayyad winning the open class at CACIB Graz:.

.:free running - X-mas '15:.


.:at CAC Tüttleben '15:.


.:the oldest and the youngest boy:.



.:home sweet home:.


.:at German Saluki Specialty 2013 - winning Exc1, VDH and res.CAC (72 males were entered)

under Mrs Allan, Kennel Jazirat, UK:.




.:Sayyad at ÖKWZR Clubshow - 18 month:.


.:nearly 17 month old:.



.:Sayyad at his first license run:.

.:winter '13:.

.:15 month:.



.:12 month old:.



.:watching the lure:.


.:7month old - winning BIS-Puppy at NVOW Clubmatch under Salukispecialist Mrs.Allan / Kennel Jazirat:.





.:6 month old at his very first "training":.





.:on the move at his very first show - 6 month:.


.: 5,5 month old:.





.:5 month old and his very first "coursingtraining":.


.:12,5 weeks:.




.:11 weeks:.

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